Cesare Esposito born in Naples in 1886, began his artistic training at the Institute of Fine Arts, following the teachings of Gaetano Esposito and at the same time attending the studio of Vincenzo Gemito from whom he learned the rudiments of sculpture. After a few years he moved to Santa Margherita Ligure and became passionate about issues related to the sea and in particular the views of ports and landscapes of the Ligurian Riviera. In his paintings, full of emotion and feelings, the bright chromatic tone, characteristic of Neapolitan art, is attenuated, becomes softer, adapting to the changing atmospheres. He frequents his participations in the exhibitions organized by the Promoting Society of Fine Arts of Genoa. He regularly participates in other group exhibitions and numerous personal exhibitions in various Italian cities: Genoa, Venice, Milan, etc. Particularly appreciated and sought after by the attentive collector are the marine views depicting the Tigullio. Cesare Esposito belongs to that large group of artists who, while worthy of attention for their undisputed abilities, still await a fair and appropriate re-evaluation from the critics. Nonetheless, Collectors, Ligurian in particular, have been following and appreciating this painter (also a sensitive watercolorist) for many years now. Proof of this is the success of Esposito achieved by a posthumous exhibition organized in Santa Margherita Ligure in 1990.


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