Born in Naples on 30 September 1860, died there on 27 November 1949. He attended courses at the Institute of Fine Arts under the guidance of Gioacchino Toma and Maldarelli, alternating school studies with long walks in the countryside, during which he tried to portray the real second when he dictated his nature as an artist. At the age of nineteen he was admitted to the Exhibition of the Promoter "Salvator Rosa" in Naples with the painting The happy remembrance and immediately revealed his tendency to follow the school of Morelli and Michetti. A very personal artist, characteristic of his works is the spontaneity of the brushstroke, vigorous in color and chiaroscuro. He exhibited in Rome, Munich, Berlin, Angers, Barcelona, especially abroad obtaining applause and benevolent criticism. But in his homeland success was long in coming, and the proud and solitary artist had to live long years of silence and deprivation. The list of his works is extensive: The modern Magdalene; Portrait of Francesco Netti, executed in a few hours; Rustican cavalry; Christmas in Naples; Spring dream; God's smile; Resurrecturus; empty cradle; The corn pickers; The philosophers; Caresses; I love you but leave me; Silence, he sleeps; The attempt on Lucrezia's honor; A head; For the uncle's name day; Portrait of the lawyer Monks; One becomes like this; Spring; Portrait of Mr. Antonio Laezza; Whim; Love and duty; Pain and consolation; My Kitty; The darling; Poponi seller; Woman with chickens; Uncertainty; Visit to the guard dog; Woman with eyeglass; In the kitchen; Portrait of an old gentleman, in the Allievi di Milano collection; Mammina, in the Delleani collection in Carignano; Imminent rain, Valcarenghi properties in Milan; La zingara, in the Norsi collection of Turin; Female figure in the O. R. collection of Rome; The bride in the Ostorero collection in Turin; The girl with doll in the Modern Art Gallery of Turin; Young Woman with Flowers in the Valentini Collection in Milan; Head in a private collection in Milan; Fishing, for the dining room of the Polytechnic Artistic Circle of Naples; Leaving for Montevergine, already. in the gallery of the comm. Paolo Ingegnoli of Milan; Noble infant, in the Torriani di Como collection. Landscape; A break; dying Jesus; Fish; Mary; Self-Portrait; After the bath; Testa (black and white) appeared at the Primaverile Fiorentina in 1922. Silent and indefatigable, the artist worked in his own villa on the outskirts of Naples. Particular attention deserves that part of his production in which he gracefully and wittily illustrates the characteristic scenes that take place in the popular neighborhoods of the Neapolitan city.


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