Born in Turin in 1836, died in Rivara Canavese on 25 October 1890. After attending the Accademia Albertina, a disciple of Giuseppe Camino, he went to Geneva, where he studied for two years under the guidance of the Swiss animalist Humbert, and finally to Paris. Between this last city and Turin and Rome, and finally Rivara where he gathered a beautiful group of artists who were friends of him, he spent his life, tending to an inexhaustible search for beauty. He painted large outdoor scenes, delicate and calm, but he could not, although modern, free himself from that bit of academic that sometimes gives a little coldness to his paintings. Sensitive and sincere artist, truly a lover of nature, especially the vast countryside and animals, he is to be considered one of the best Piedmontese landscape painters of his time. Works by him frequently appeared at the Turin Promoter: in 1856, Pascolo; in 1858, The watering of the evening and The four seasons; in 1859, Crossing of animals in Switzerland; in 1860, VII November in Piedmont; in 1862, At the Campo di San Maurizio; in 1863, Fiera in Piemonte; in 1864, Cattle for sale; in 1865, The advance taxes, one of the best paintings of him, which, with Dintorni di Rivara; Return to the stable; The harvest; A weekday and La Fiera di Saluzzo (exhibited in Turin in 1880), is kept in the Civic Museum of Turin; in 1866, The retreat and rural poetry; in 1867, property of a family and after the war; in 1869, on the Alp; in 1877, Solitude; in 1879, Roman Campagna; in 1889, La Seine and La Marne. He also exhibited, in Milan, in 1883, Animali all'abbeveraggio and in 1886 The Murgère tree; in Rome, in 1883, The pasture; in Turin, in 1884, Musical morning; Watering; Departure for the hunt; Surroundings of Paris; in Florence, in 1885, Primavera and in 1887: Waiting; In the evening and Pecorella; in Venice in the same year, View of Auvergne. Other canvases: The hour of rest; Rivara Castle; Fall; Plowing. In the Royal Palace of Turin there is a painting by him made on commission by Vittorio Emanuele II: A hunting camp.


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