Painter (Genoa, 1891 - there, 1958). Alongside his strictly pictorial training, initiated by the teachings of Bargellini in Rome and Pennasilico in Genoa, his acquaintance with the cultural and literary environment of his time was fundamental. Therefore, in the spirit of an affinity of feeling with the poets Sbarbaro and Montale and of an intellectual agreement with the philosopher Baratono and the painters Olivari and Merello, he paid attention above all to the landscape on a pattern of luminous vibrations as an expression of an emotional participation sometimes metaphysically filtered . The result is a painting of lyrical tonalism, with a severe setting of the image and its meaning beyond the limitations of genres. His silent and discreet painting, balanced between individual emotion and the objectivity of things, ranks among the most significant expressions of the first half of the twentieth century in Liguria. The participations in the II and DI Roman Quadrennial and in the XIX, XX, XXII, XXIV (1948) Venice Biennale are remembered. In 1949 he was appointed academic of merit at the Ligustica, class of painting. Works Genova-Nervi, Gallery of Modern Art (Landscape). Rome, Gali. National of Modern Art. Bibliography Universal Encyclopedia Seda ..., V, 1969, p. 2357; A.M. Comanducci, IV, 1973, p. 2754; G. Beringheli - G. Marcenaro (edited by), P.S.R., cat. exhibition, Genoa, 1977; V. Rocchiero, 1981, p. 523; G. Costa, 1985, p. 63; G. Marcenaro (edited by), Genoa, the twentieth century, cat. exhibition, Genoa, 1986, pp. 247, 440.


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