Born in Valmadonna (Alessandria) on 7 January 1895, still alive. He attended the courses of the Albertina Academy. He exhibited his first work at the self-portrait exhibition at the Amici dell'Arte in Turin. He particularly treats the portrait. Works by him appear in the Palazzo Moschini in Mantua, in Naples, Genoa and Milan. His most recent works include: the Portrait of Admiral Conte Cagni di Bumeliana, that of the little girl Pellegrino from Genoa, and the fresco decorations in the halls of the castle of Senator Celesia di Vegliasco, depicting various episodes from the history of Aleramo and Adelasia, on the foundation of Alassio. He has exhibited many times at the Promoters, at the exhibitions of the Turin trade unions and has ordered various personal exhibitions.