Born in Mapello (Bergamo) on 24 July 1866, died under mysterious circumstances, perhaps a victim of robbery, on the night of 25 October 1945 in Bergamo. Rinaldo's younger brother, who initiates him to study painting, is a pupil of Cesare Tallone at the Carrara Academy in Bergamo. He then settled in Milan where he began his artistic career, making his debut in Brera in 1886 (Portrait of his aunt) and soon establishing himself in that environment based on the late Lombard realism where the last followers of the scapigliatura still lived. Receives success and recognition in Italy and abroad: gold medal at the 1900 exhibition in Paris for the Head of a Man, now in the Gallery of Modern Art in Milan, where two of his landscapes are also preserved; another gold medal in Milan in 1901, in Brussels in 1910; Baragiola prize in Milan in 1915; Fornara prize in Milan in 1928; gold medal at the Paris International in 1935 and by the Ministry of National Education in 1938. He participated in many permanent exhibitions and in the Syndicate of Fine Arts in Milan, in the first Roman Quadrennial (1931), in eight Venetian Biennials (from 1899 to 1928), as well as some foreign exhibitions in Munich and Leningrad. He holds personal exhibitions in 1924 at the Galleria Bolognesi in Milan, in 1930 at the Galleria Milano of that city with eighty works, in 1932 at the Pro Arte in Bergamo. In 1945 and 1948 posthumous exhibitions were dedicated to him in Bergamo and Milan. Paintings of him are kept in the Querini-Stampalia Gallery in Venice. The main works are: Landscape in the Turri collection in Milan, The cradle, The stocking, The grinder, The oyster harvest, Shepherdess, Flock in the woods, The friar, The ducks, Self-portrait, The model, Venice: morning on the Giudecca, Piazzetta S. Marco, Painter, Child with corn on the cob, My mother. His painting has lively color tones on a taste of fat and lumpy matter recalling the type of that of the Flemings and the Dutch on late Rembrandtian traces while remaining in the traditional Lombard flavor.


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