Born in Mapello (Bergamo) on 30 October 1857, died in Bergamo on 24 May 1939. Ermenegildo's elder brother and his teacher, he studied painting at the Carrara Academy in Bergamo under the guidance of Enrico Scuri. Here he exhibited, in 1879, the painting Il pane in due, purchased by Count Casati, for which he obtained the first prize. After going to Rome, he attended the Free Academy directed by Maccari, where he perfected himself by absorbing the influence of the great Neapolitan realists who helped to develop his artistic personality, so he can be considered belonging to the various group that includes G Favretto, L. Nono, E. Tito, F. P. Michetti, V. Irolli, etc. Especially in the last part of his life he devoted himself to portraits and genre paintings of idyllic subjects; he is an appreciated portraitist of Girolamo Bonaparte. He participated in various exhibitions in Italy and abroad, where he received great critical acclaim: in 1884 he exhibited in Turin (Pensieri allegri, Casa rustica and two landscapes) and at the Permanente in Milan (The two sisters, purchased by that Società di Belle Arts), in 1888 in Bologna (a peaceful day; The shoemaker; The white slaves, the latter one of his significant works of the realist moment) and at the Universal Exposition of Barcelona (Saturday), in 1889 in Brera (Portrait of 'man) and at the world exhibition in Paris (Landscape, awarded a medal), in 1904 at the London Watercolors Exhibition, in 1905 and 1909 at the Quadrennial of Munich (Recreation), in 1909 at the Permanente in Milan, in 1911 at the Rome and Florence Expositions. He also participates in many international exhibitions in Venice. He also paints sacred pictures (parish church of Brusaporto) and carries out frescoes in villas in Brianza. Many of his works are preserved in private collections and at the Carrara Academy in Bergamo.


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