Born in Coggiola (Biella) on 10 April 1884, died in Andezeno near Chieri (Turin) on 25 September 1945. Having completed his classical studies in Turin, he attended the Albertina Academy and later the studio of the painter Vittorio Cavalieri. Captain of the Alpini, during the Great War he is wounded and decorated. His vein as a landscape painter, in line with the Piedmontese late nineteenth century tradition, led him to paint in Tripolitania (1912), Somalia (1925-28), Rhodes and the Dodecanese, bringing back impressions of extreme quality. In 1941 he retired to Andezeno, where he spent his life. He prefers high-altitude landscapes on the piedmont mountains, in particular the valleys of Aosta and Gressoney. He is also an excellent portrait painter: he portrayed several Savoy characters, Benito Mussolini and the Duke of Abruzzi. He regularly exhibits at the Promoter, at the Circolo degli Artisti and Amici dell'Arte in Turin and sometimes in Milan, Genoa, Casale Monferrato, Novara, Vercelli and Rome, receiving various acknowledgments from the public and critics. At the Civic Museum of Turin the painting by him Snow of him is preserved. In the great retrospective organized in March 1946 by the Circolo degli Artisti of Turin, of which he was vice president, there are about forty of his works among the most significant of the various periods of artistic activity.


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