Born in Milan October 10, 1841, died in Santa Maria delle Selve at Vedano al Lambro March 28, 1910. He attended the Academy of Brera in Milan and in 1868 he studied under the guidance of Bertini. He specialized in portraits, who performed with staff width of design, color and lively vigor of the invoice; with any of them could possibly the most modern painter who came to Moroni. In the historical collection of the benefactors of the Ospedale Maggiore of Milan still remain two of its best including that of Count Alfonso Litta Visconti Arese; others are located at the Hospital of Saint Anne in Como and the Congregation of Charity of Milan. In 1887 he withdrew from the truth, half-length, Giuseppe Verdi, which then fulfill portraits full picture preserved in the Conservatory and the Sala Verdi Albergo Milano. His first major work, Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane, which already is detached from the manner of his master, was bought by the Royal House, and the Mayor of Milan Count Bellinzaghi was bought the first of his genre paintings, The civil marriage, which follow Accommodation forced, that he repeated several times. Maidens with the bathroom, the property of the Brera Academy, in 1872 he won a prize Canonica. The Civic Gallery of Modern Art in Milan has five portraits, three different paintings and two of her scenes eighteenth century, palace interiors Clerici; Institute for the Blind is a portrait of Milan. In twenty years, due to illness, was a leg amputee; this does not stop him from painting from life also vast canvases landscape. Not appreciated as it deserved, lived more than modestly looking for a sure gain copies with large and small, oil and watercolor, the Last Supper by Leonardo, of singular interest in painting, which, abroad, were worthy paid. In 1911 was held at the "Permanent" in Milan a memorial exhibition which included fifty of his works. Etched. C. Bozzi was one of his pupils; Alfredo Zaniboni it was influenced.


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