Born in Livorno on June 24, 1866, died here in 1942. He was a pupil of Fattori in his school in Florence. His first painting, exhibited in 1890 in Turin, was purchased by that Society of Fine Arts. He has participated in almost all the main Italian exhibitions, in Venice, Florence, Bologna, Milan, etc., and was invited to the I Quadriennale Romana. He felt the influence of Fattori especially in his Maremma views with horses. Unlike him, Uncle Cesare, who was not very accurate in his form, painted in wrong colors, obtaining a strong personality. His favorite genre of him was still life. His painting, although it derives from Macchiaioli origins, is enriched by new impulses of great power that bring him closer to Mario Puccini and also, - something singular, in an artist who always lived in solitude in Livorno, - to the French impressionists and even in some still life from Van Gogh. In still lifes he has dense, shining pictorial masses, of a powerful relief accentuated by contrasts and color agreements: this is his most personal originality. Works of great value are considered: still life at the Galleria d'Arte Moderna in Turin; A Costernane in the Angiolini Collection in Livorno; Tuscan countryside, in the Innocenti area of ​​Turin; the Self-portrait (Aspesi collection), Sinfonia in rosso (Veronelli collection), Landscape at sunset (Bossi collection), The pigeons, The herring, Stop at the farmhouse, Carnations in the amphora etc. Posthumous exhibitions curated by friends: in Milan in 1942 and 1947, in Florence (Galleria Michelangelo) in October 1947, in Livorno (Mostra dell'800 Livorno) in April 1948; in Turin in 1961. One of his pupils was Angelo Volpini.


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