Born in Egypt, in Cairo, on December 16, 1845, to a Tuscan family, he died in Florence in 1938. He studied at a very young age in Livorno with the teacher and writer Dino Provenzal and, at the age of thirty, he took up a studio in Corso Amedeo together with his friend and painter Eugenio Cecconi. He later approaches the Macchiaioli group, whom he frequents in the Livorno area and in Castiglioncello, where he meets, among others, Diego Martelli, Giovanni Boldini and Giuseppe Abbati. In 1871 he made a trip to Tunisia with Cecconi, treasuring this experience in the bright chromatism of his subsequent paintings. In 1887 he was present with Aiselia and Prima del Minuetto at the Venice Film Festival. He mainly dedicates himself to landscape painting, of oriental subjects or of the Tuscan countryside, reflecting the lessons of the Macchiaioli, and to genre scenes and portraits, of a romantic and worldly type; Luigi Chiranti wrote about these latest works: "Once this artist preferred themes of the hard life of the people: workers, artisans, poor people of all kinds; now more in accord with his noble and gentlemanly inclinations, he prefers subjects more suited to appear in those rooms in which objects of art are hung on the walls for luxury and home decoration. His works are kept in private and public Italian collections, including the Modern Art Gallery of Palazzo Pitti in Florence (Una Fonte in Livorno).


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