Born in Modena in 1857, died in the same city in March 1922. A student of Adeodato Malatesta and companion of John Muzzioli. At twenty-four he won the Retired Potetti that allowed him to go to Rome to study there for some time. At that time he executed the framework Rispa, work still regarded as his masterpiece. He was then in Florence where he took part in local exhibitions. He returned in the native city and taught as an adjunct professor in the Institute of Fine Arts. Designer polite, from the palette fresh and bright, was executor of readiness and ease. It was also good portraitist. He exhibited in London in 1822 at the Royal Academy. He left many paintings among which, over Rispa, deserve special mention The Annunciation, in the Galleria Poletti in Modena; The portrait of N. D. Marga Zuccoli-Nasi; The Virgin Mother; The four seasons.


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