Born in Arquata Scrivia (Alessandria) on November 1, 1840, died in Genoa in February 1892. In the study Montecucco, applied himself to painting and sculpture at the same time, making rapid progress. He enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Genoa in 1857, a pupil of the island and the Frascheri. In 1867 he won the board Durres, with which he could go to Rome and perfected. In the capital gained good reputation as a portraitist. Back in Genoa devoted himself mainly to the fresco. Was scrupulous follower of the realist school, avoiding attitudes and academic adhering unconditionally to the school gray Genoese, the renewing of Italian painting of the country and of the figure. Reached special freshness and truth in religious painting and treated with mastery also etching. His paintings are scattered throughout Liguria and Piedmont. They remember mainly those of San Biagio in Val Polcevera, Loano, Finale, Porto Maurizio, Albenga, Varazze, Voltri, San Lorenzo della Costa, Arquata. Among his best works: Portrait of Bingen; portrait of the painter F. Gandolfi, Tirsi Amarilli and Chloris; The Marys at the Tomb; landscape; II Pincio; Romana (studio costume watercolor); Our Lady of the Rosary; Portrait of two children; Old Mohammedan sitting; Amazon; Portrait of the Marquise-Cambiaso Petrano; Catching butterflies; Portrait Archduchess Handcuffs Tanska, dated 1879; The farm Scrivia and various studies of the female nude. He was also a sculptor and in relation lists the crockery: Complacency, Little Mother, Good friends, and a couple of projects for the monument to King Carlo Alberto. He has also the merit of having diligently preserved memories and documents cited on gray Genoese school, active in Liguria from 1860 to 1890 and who had frequent contacts with the movements of the renovators rivariani and Macchiaioli. Genoa dedicated a street (Sampierdarena) and Arquata Scrivia the main square, elevandogli also a monument. His works in the Civic Gallery of Modern Art in Genoa and Savona, and in the collections of the Academy of Genoa and the Ligurian Palace Montecucco-Bertelli Gavi Ligure.


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