BISI JOSEPH. Born in Genoa on April 10, 1787, died in Milan October 28, 1869. Piglio painter Thomas. He was for some time a pupil of Burker. He possessed remarkable artistic gifts that put him soon able to paint and, as a passionate observer of nature, he devoted himself mainly to the landscape. In 1838 he was appointed professor of landscape costituentesi then the Royal Academy of Brera in Milan. His school soon acquired wide renown, and his landscapes were bought by Napoleon III, Charles Albert, Victor Emmanuel II, the Emperor of Austria, the Grand Duke Michael of Russia, and so on. and are now scattered in galleries in Italy and abroad. His works: Thomas of Savoy, who kidnaps the daughter of the Duke of Geneva; The Battle of Guastalla and the Battle of Verona (had to repeatedly replicate); View of the Palazzo Raimondi, who was commissioned in 1838 by the Emperor of Austria; View of Bellagio, acquired it, with seven studies, after his death, the Gallery of Modern Art in Milan.


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