Born in Milan on November 16, 1839, died there at 88 on November 16, 1927. His family was originally from Switzerland. He was a disciple of the Hayez and Casnedi. He first painted with impressionistic technique some canvases of a historical nature such as Anita dying. His whole life was of perennial study of form and color; he preserved in his paintings a precision of drawing, full of scruple, reminiscent of the Flemish school. Among the works that best represent me in the Art Galleries are: El visorin dell'Andrea; Providence; Ohibò; Cloud sports from the Campo dei Fiori; My memories and more drawings, watercolors and flowers that attest to the painstaking care in the execution of each of his work. Some of his most significant paintings emigrated abroad: Salvator Rosa; Santa understands; Chicks in the sun; Veiled head of a young man; Pending; The occasion. In his youth with Vela, Bignami, Cremona, Butti and Mentessi he participated in exhibitions, including humorous ones, demonstrating a streak as an authentic artist with brilliant ideas. Other works: I me penej; Artistic gift; The orphans; Coelestia somnia. He was a traditionalist painter; he portrayed moving idyllic scenes, with chromatic tones that are sometimes a little cold but always clear, like his calm eyes and like his Ambrosian heart.


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