Born in Ortelle (Lecce) on 9 March 1861, alive. He quickly benefited from the teachings of Emilio Stasi: later enrolled at the Institute of Fine Arts in Naples, he perfected himself by studying the truth, and devoted himself to the landscape, in which he obtained a refinement of touch and a very delicate harmony with the pastels he uses preference and with whom he acquired a lively, characteristic personality. Active and tireless, he has produced with an inexhaustible fecundity a huge quantity of works, even of respectable dimensions, which it is not possible to enumerate. He has participated in the main Italian and foreign exhibitions, where he has always had the confirmation of his successes. Main works: I Camaldoli, awarded with a silver medal at the Palermo Exposition in 1891 and 1892 and donated to the Civic Museum of Lecce; Six Neapolitan landscapes, exhibited in 1892 in Turin and purchased by Umberto Pasini; Dal Vomero, exhibited in Rome in 1893 and awarded with a silver medal; Surroundings of Naples (six pastels), exhibited in Paris in 1893 and purchased by Mr. Camillo Grault; Neapolitan landscape, exhibited in Milan in 1894 and donated to the Civic Museum of Lecce; The Tiber and Vesuvius, exhibited in Venice in 1895 and purchased by the King in Castello dell'Ovo, exhibited in Munich in 1895 and purchased by the painter De Bramard; A country road, awarded a gold medal in Dijon in 1898; In the Royal Park of Capodimonte, purchased by the King of Greece at the Athens Exposition in 1903; Marina di Napoli, awarded with a gold medal in Athens in 1903; Contrasti, awarded with honorable mention at the Madrid Exposition in 1904 and purchased by that Museum of Art; Nel verde, purchased by the French government at the Paris Exposition in 1906; The White House, purchased from the Argentine National Museum at the Buenos Aires Exposition. Two landscapes are in the Galleria d'Arte Moderna in Rome. He taught painting to Elena di Savoia, queen of Italy.


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