Born in Milan on November 15, 1867, still alive. Personal landscape painter and marinist characterized by a direct sensation of truth, understood with a lively color and an always happy idea of ​​the "painting". At the age of twenty-one, after completing his university studies in medicine, he devoted himself to painting and can be cited as an example of a self-taught painter. His passionate industriousness soon earned him a series of awards that began with a gold medal at the National Exhibition of the Society of Fine Arts in Milan in 1893; followed in 1900 by a diploma of honor from the International of Gorizia, in 1902 a gold medal to that of Munich, in 1907 a first class gold medal in Barcelona, ​​in 1925 a medal from the Ministry of Education at the Friends of Art Exhibition in Turin. He participated, invited, in major exhibitions and held successful solo exhibitions in Milan, Venice, Montevideo and San Paolo. The King of Italy bought pictures of him several times; there were numerous official purchases, and important works by him represent him in public Italian and foreign galleries. With a certain decorative taste he also produced posters and wall decorations. Works: Full of autumn; At the mill; Tramonto alla Giudecca, in the Civic Museum of Turin; Sole occiduo, in the Gallery of Modern Art in Buenos Aires; Sullo Spluga, in the Gallery of Modern Art in Genoa; Canale in Chioggia; Lunar clarity, in Montevideo; The flowering of the marshes; Passage of lights; Autumn sunset; Heather in bloom; Sunset; In San Rossore; Fishing for crabs; Fall; Mareppia, in the Gallery of Modern Art in Rome; Niviale, in the Gallery of Modern Art in Milan. He is honorary professor at the Carrara Academy; emeritus professor of that of Perugia and honorary member and councilor of the Brera Academy.


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