Born in Turin in 1860, still alive. He attended the Albertina Academy, a pupil of Gamba, Gilardi and Gastaldi. Landscape painter and portraitist, with a robust color, with a strong personality in his impressionist naturalism, he imprints in his paintings something hidden that makes you think, something alive that invites you to penetrate the secrets of the soul that created them. In 1885 he participated for the first time in the Exhibition of the Turin Promoter with abandoned Zappe and later exhibited frequently at the Turin exhibitions and at the main Italian exhibitions, including the Internazionali Veneziane, until 1925. In Paris the Turbine painting, currently in the Museum of San Francisco of California, was awarded a gold medal. In Genoa he obtained a silver medal at the Colombian Exhibition. He also painted sacred subjects, and in the Sanctuary of Oropa there are three great works by him representing Peace; War and the faithful. Other works by him: Sad winter; Tonio the gallant; The grandmother and Alpine Flora, preserved in the Civic Museum of Turin; Mountain hospitality, in the Marangoni Museum in Udine; In spring; Cemetery flowers; Love story; Empiricism; Ave Maria; Summer in the hills; In the shade; Baleful dawn; At home forced; Tribolo; First treasures; Portrait of a man; Domus Aurea; The drowned; Portrait of the Duke of Aosta, in the Gallery of those awarded the Order of the Garter at the Court of King Edward of England; Portrait of the mother, in the artist's studio; the Self-portrait, owned by Mr. Davide Botto of Milan; Ray of sunshine, with Mr. Vittorio Vacchieri; Assalita, property of Mr. Alberto Ferrino; A sun bath, in the collection of Dr. G. Vignolo of Turin and the Portrait of Mrs. Pelizzone.


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