Born in Livorno 18 September 1842, died in Florence on 19 December 1903. Student of Enrico Pollastrini at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. The landscape, the peasant women of his country and the dogs in a special way, had in him a passionate and capable breeder. In addition to being an excellent artist, he was a pleasant writer and art critic. Some of his numerous works: Missing from the appeal; Cenciaiole of Livorno; Days of rest; Assembly of hunters; Last port of arms; The braiding makers at rest, which he exhibited in Rome in 1883; On 8 September in Montenero, exhibited in Turin in 1884, and currently in the Galleria del comm. Paolo Ingegnoli of Milan; hunters in Maremma and Canile, exhibited in Milan in 1886; Woman fishing; Braccaiolo Maremma; Laundresses of Torre del Lago; The siesta time; The horse keepers at rest; Return from hunting - unfortunate day; Impending burst; The first arrived; Wild boar hunting in the swamps of Burano.


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