Carlo Cressini, born in Genoa (1864), attended the Albertina Academy of Turin under the guidance of Enrico Gamba and then completed his studies in Milan at the Brera Academy where he had Giuseppe Bertini as a teacher. He made his debut at an exhibition level in 1884 and in those years he became friends with other painters (Longoni, Sottocornola, Mentessi, Belloni). At the Turin exhibition in 1884, the first exhibition in which his participation is ascertained, he presented a "study from life". In the subsequent exhibitions in which he participated, starting from the Turin exhibitions of 1890 and 1891, his interest was concentrated above all on landscapes, and later he devoted himself to mountain, lake and marine views in which he most expressed the intensity of light. In this regard, we recall Sunset, presented with great success at the LV Turin Exhibition of the Promoter of Fine Arts in 1896, together with Glacier and Orsia and Dal col di Merjelen, one of his most famous paintings, presented at the Brera National Exhibition of 1910.Carlo Cressini started from post-disheveled premises, initially practiced portraits and still lifes, but from 1886 he tackled the theme of the landscape with commitment, solving it with loose brushstrokes and subdued tones and following the lesson of Lombard naturalism. In the nineties he made portraits set in which an interest in the effects of light stimulated by Divisionism is manifested, while later he paints some works of social art, but without obvious denunciation. His participation for a decade from 1880 to 1890 in the exhibitions organized by the Society of Fine Arts of Genoa is documented. To depict his favorite subjects, first of lake landscapes and then of mountain views from the end of the nineteenth century, for the execution of the latter he often adopted the Divisionist technique with skill and skill. He was also a skilled engraver and was part of the Italian Association of Etchers and Engravers founded by Carlo Carrà and Arturo Tosi. The participation in the Turin Triennale in the section dedicated by the Italian Alpine Club to the painting of high mountain views is documented in 1896. He was present as an engraver in London in 1916 at the review organized by the Engravers Association, presenting the works "Balustrade of the Visconti house" and "The entrance to the Villa Giovio". In addition to the landscape, his works dedicated to portraiture are also appreciated, without neglecting compositions and still life. Works by him are kept in the Modern Art Galleries of Lima (Peru), Milan and Rome.


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