Born in Milan on January 14, 1828, died there on November 29, 1897. A disciple of Domenico Induno at the Brera Academy, he was not overwhelmed by his influence. He studied the French masters, as evidenced by certain refinements and certain luminosity of his landscapes. He was with Garibaldi in the campaigns of 1859, '60, '66, and since then he abandoned historical painting, to which he had initially dedicated himself, to devote himself entirely to military and horse-racing paintings. His studies are always interesting, his compositions lively and lively, although in them we sometimes find some incorrect drawing. He belongs, with Cammarano and Fattori, to the small group of painters who drew inspiration from the national wars. Main works: Abandoned horse; Military housing; The plow, The two cousins; Masaniello (name of a horse), exhibited in Milan in 1872; Garibaldi in the Vosges, exhibited in Naples in 1877; Charge of the Carabinieri in Pastrengo, a painting that aroused real enthusiasm at the Turin Exposition of 1880; The lady keeps herself waiting; At the outposts; Too much confidence, where the technique appears to have improved, exhibited in Venice in 1881; General Medici on 9 January 1878 and After the work, exhibited in Milan in the same year; The favorite horse, exhibited in Milan in 1883; Vecchi carabinieri from 1848 and Scoppio di una grata, exhibited in Rome in the same year; The surrender of the Ampola fort in Trentino, exhibited in Florence in 1885 and in Milan in 1886; The artillery of the third division in San Martino, exhibited in Venice in 1887; Charge of Monferrato cavalrymen in Montebello, preserved in the Gallery of Modern Art in Rome; Portrait reminiscent; The park, in the Trieste Museum; Ferruccio killed by Maramaldo; Brothers in pain. In the Galleria d'Arte Moderna in Milan there are 36 works by him, including II square of Villafranca (sketch); The departure of the volunteers of 1859 and Episode of the war of 1859 (watercolor); then other paintings in oil and watercolor, reproducing assaults by artillery, horse racing and assaults by dragons. The picture gallery of the Artists and Patriotic Society, also in Milan, preserves some portraits in charcoal: Archimede Sacchi; M. Grassi; Giuseppe Modorati. De Albertis was honorary professor of the Brera Academy.


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