Born in Besozzo (Varese) on 21 February 1892. Initiated to engineering studies, he cut them off to devote himself to art. He made his debut in 1920 in Venice with the painting Nebbia. He later participated in various exhibitions: in Venice, in the Rome Biennials, in Naples, in the Quadrennial in Turin, in the Brera Biennials, etc. Works by him: Morning in winter and Frazione, exhibited in Venice in 1926; Ship repair; Manovra and Calma, in Venice in 1928; The ship under construction, exhibited at the Maritime Art Exhibition in Rome and now preserved in the Mussolini Museum in Campidoglio; Old ironworks, exhibited in 1929 at the Barcelona International Art Exhibition and awarded with a bronze medal; Construction, purchased by Count Volpi di Misurata; Estate, sold to the Società dei Grandi Alberghi; Prealpi, exhibited in Bologna in 1929 and with which the artist won a gold medal. In 1925 he held a personal exhibition at the Pesaro Gallery; in 1926 in Brussels. He collected a group of works in another Milanese gallery, in 1931, giving Aldo Carpi a cue to write in the preface of the catalog: "His villages are lively and tasty, his brushwork is broad and immediate, his compositions simple and fully suited to his character. He is a painter who knows his strengths and he adheres to them without expecting, as many do, to occupy all positions, even the most unexpected ».


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