Born in Milan on January 6, 1848, died in the same city on November 27, 1895. Graduated in engineering, he devoted himself instead to painting. He was a pupil of the school of G. B. Lelli and of Pagliano. He painted high mountain landscapes, of Brianza, views of the lakes, with grace, strength and feeling. In his portraits he approaches the manner of Ranzoni and Cremona. Jealous of his artistic production, he bought back several times his paintings sold at exhibitions and made copies, to keep them in his studio, of portraits made for commission. In 1896, in Milan, in the Palazzo della Permanente, a posthumous exhibition was organized to honor his memory, featuring 154 paintings, including landscapes and portraits. His paintings are for the most part kept by his nephews in Milan; but they also appear in public galleries and private collections. Of the numerous works by him are remembered: Sole d'aprile and Pastorella, owned by the King; High pastures (Maloja), in the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan; Mountain artillery, in the Galleria d'Arte Moderna in Milan; Giogo del San Bernardino, owned by the Ministry of Education, already awarded a gold medal at the Berlin International Exhibition in 1891 and currently in the Gallery of Modern Art in Rome; Riva di Lecco; Sant'Antonio in Val Furva; Portrait of a Woman, formerly owned by Pompeo Mariani; Adjustment of sails; Old farmer; The stonecutter (Suna); The banks of the Adda; Carenno; The great marina of Capri; At the dance.


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