Born in Venosa on 25 July 1845, died in Naples on 26 December 1883. He learned the first elements of drawing from his sculptor brother. Retired, he went to Naples, where he was a pupil of De Vivo, from whose antiquated artistic direction he soon broke away, to follow Morelli's new art; he thus asserted himself in his own personality and became one of the good artists of his time. Main works: Mario Pagano; Buoso da Duero; Orazio, donated by the author to the Municipality of his hometown; 11 Mayor of the village; The bachelor; Viaticum and I nomadi, exhibited at the Turin Exhibition of 1875 and greatly admired; A wedding in Basilicata, exhibited in Paris in 1877; The bride's first outing; Kidnapping; The Angelus of the evening; Who goes and who comes; The Blessed Sacrament passes; At Mass; Mamma mia, give me your hand; Palm Sunday, awarded with a silver medal at the Ferrara Exhibition in 1874; The first son, purchased by the Duke of Aosta at the Turin Exhibition in 1884; The nurse; Portrait of the Duke of Aosta with his family; The lesson and beggars, preserved in the Gallery of Modern Art in Rome.


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