Born in Venice in 1885 and moved to Milan, Leonardo Dudreville enrolled at the Brera Academy. In 1905 he befriends Anselmo Bucci, with whom he rents a studio and travels to Paris the following year, while in 1907 he presented himself to Alberto Grubicy with his first works, of a Divisionist style, and was accepted among the artists of the gallery, thus being able to exhibit with them in Paris. He then knows Boccioni, Bonzagni and the Futurists, but his painting since 1912 turns to an abstraction of Symbolist ancestry; between 1913 and 1914 he founded, with the critic Ugo Nebbia, the New Trends group, to which Erba, Funi, Sant’Elia, Chiattone adhere. After the war Dudreville abandons abstract works and returns to Realism, while in 1919 he rejoins the Futurists. In 1922 he was one of the founders of the group “Seven painters of the twentieth century” - including Bucci, Dudreville, Funi, Malerba, Marussig, Oppi, Sironi - but he soon broke away from it. In these years his painting arrives at a meticulous realism that is particularly expressed in still lifes, as well as in landscapes. This realistic research continues even after 1942, the year in which Dudreville moved to Lake Maggiore, in Ghiffa, dedicating himself up to the last days of his life (1975) to still lifes - especially game - to landscapes and portraits.


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