Born in Florence on July 27, 1856, died there on May 29, 1911. He attended the Florentine Academy, a pupil of Michele Gordigiani and Muzioli. He began with topics taken from sacred history and with Egyptian paintings such as: Giuseppe sold by Putifarre; Atirte predicting Sesostri's first victories; Pharaoh judged by the people. Around 1880, orienting himself towards the real, he began to devote himself almost exclusively to the landscape, and reproduced places and customs of the Tuscan countryside, with great attention to detail, but with spontaneity and feeling. He first exhibited in Milan, Florence, Munich; then, in 1881. at the Paris Motor Show, gaining critical acclaim for the new artistic direction. He was awarded a bronze medal at the Universal Exposition of 1900. for the picture of him God accompany them, which is now found. with Winter in Tuscany, awarded with a gold medal in Berlin in 1896. in the Gallery of Modern Art in Rome. Other works: Honeymoon, awarded with a gold medal, now at the Civic Museum of Turin; Waiting; Rainy weather; Jealousy; The return from baptism; To the wash house; The water seller; The procession of Impruneta; Harvest; The shepherd; Returning from the party; Tuscan shepherdess; Sui monti, exhibited in Bologna in 1883, awarded in Paris with a gold medal and purchased by the King.


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