Born in Sassari on November 30, 1858, died in Genoa on November 20, 1945. A landscape painter, he dealt exclusively with marines with a great dramatic impetus. He studied at the Academy of Genoa, a pupil of Luxoro, and settled in that city, mindful of the Ligurian origins of his family. He participated in all the Genoese exhibitions. Citansi of him: The devil's cave, now in Alexandria in Egypt; Then the sun comes back, A lemon grove; La scala del coal and A morning in the port of Genoa, both exhibited in Rome in 1906; Small beach, in the Gallery of Genoa. He had made his public debut in 1880 in Genoa (Società Promotrice di Belle Arti) and in 1882 in Turin (Società Promotrice di Belle Arti), to then enter the Ligurian artistic environment by belonging to the artistic-literary cenacle of the Trattoria dei Mille, on the marina di Sturla, and to the Genoese Artistic Family, in the funds of Palazzo Gambaro in via Nuova. A Marina by him, dated 1892, was purchased by King Umberto I; the Scoglio di Quarto, dated 1896, from the Municipality of Sassari; The Devil's Cave in Vernazza, dated 1899, and already mentioned, by the Kedivé of Egypt, a Marina, dated 1907, by the painter Antonio Mancini, as a sign of admiration. For having masterfully illustrated the primordial impetus of the sea and the tumult of the waves and billows, he was called, half-jokingly, the "Tempesta" of the nineteenth century. He belonged to the last patrol of the Genoese pictorial school of the grays and, in a pictorial key, he traced the road traveled by the forerunners in the valleys of Albara, on the cliffs of San Nazaro, along the hills of Carcare, in Liguria, and through the Piedmontese valleys .


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