Painter (La Spezia, 1830 - 1904). After studying at the Brera Academy and at the Ligustica Academy, he exhibited several times at the Promotrice, 1869-1895. His training, with a neoclassical and romantic orientation, reflects the influence he received in Brera from Hayez and Sabatelli. Subsequently, however, Fossati changed his style after meeting the Scuola Grigia (1869) and frequenting Rayper, De Andrade, Issel, which led him towards new forms of landscape interpretation. The lesson of the Macchiaioli and the meeting with Signorini in Riomaggiore, in 1881, were also fundamental. His favorite subjects were La Spezia, his hometown, and the Cinque Terre, which he depicted with different techniques, passing from oil, to pencil, to 'watercolor. Works La Spezia, Municipal picture gallery. Bibliography AM Comanducci, II, 1971, p. 1273; Bolaffi Encyclopedic Dictionary..., V, 1974, p. 77; F. Battolini (edited by), Exhibition of A.F., cat. exhibition, La Spezia, 1980; G. Bruno, 1981, pp. 48-49, 444 (with bibl.); See Rocchiero, 1981, pp. 97-98; Bolaffi, cat. no. 12, 1983, p. 46; G. Costa, 1985, p. 36; Painting in Genoa..., II, 1987 (II ed.), pp. 437, 481-482.


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