He was born in Livorno from a petty-bourgeois family. He began as a self-taught, taking advantage of the advice of the painter Angiolo Tommasi. From 1891, thanks to a scholarship from the Municipality of Livorno, he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, and from 1894 Giovanni Fattori's courses at the Scuola Libera del Nudo. Among his earliest works, Cacciatore (1891, Livorno, Maremma and Tyrrhenian Chamber of Commerce) shows the bond with Angiolo Tommasi by subject and realistic rendering of details with small and quick brush strokes. People, peasants and humble people immersed in the environment are often the subject of his works, sometimes in choral scenes of great compositional rigor, where he studies the effects of light and the brushstroke becomes more flaky, as in Emigranti (1894), here in the Museum, awarded at the Exhibition of the Promoting Society of Fine Arts in Florence in 1894-1895. In 1898 he married the Finnish painter Elin Danielson, photographed here in the Museum in Portrait of his wife (1905), he moved to Torre del Lago (Lucca), he attended the artists close to Giacomo Puccini and further deepened his research on light and color, rendered in almost photographic way. From the early 1900s he lived in Antignano, south of Livorno, but between 1905 and 1909 he was in the Volterra asylum to treat a nervous disorder. In his maturity he focuses on natural or urban views, with attention to the luminous vibrations and an increasingly full-bodied, rapid and synthetic brushstroke, as here in Via della Bassata (circa 1913). He exhibited in Italy and several times in Livorno, for example at the 1st Livornese Art Exhibition at Bagni Pancaldi in 1912. He dies in solitude at the age of 68.


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