Born in Genoa on 18 January 1880, died on 23 December 1955 in Anticoli Corrado (Rome). He completed his studies at the Ligustica Academy, in his hometown, under the guidance of Cesare Viazzi; and in 1903, having won the Duchess of Galliera artistic pension, he went to Rome where he tempered and refined his natural talents as an artist. In 1906 he sent a composition painting to Genoa which, exhibited at Palazzo Rosso, was also appreciated by the hostile jury, which until then had threatened to remove the Pensionato from him. The Municipality of Genoa increased his pension by five hundred lire and Gaudenzi saw, with this success, his path definitively traced. The first work that made him affirm and gave him fame was I priori, already awarded in Milan in 1910 with a gold medal from the Ministry of Public Education, purchased by the Municipality of Rome in 1911 at that International Exhibition. This was followed by Nudo di donna, awarded in Monaco in 1913; The Crosses, purchased by the Museum of San Gallo (Switzerland); Deposition, which was awarded the Prince Umberto Prize in Milan in 1916 and which appears in the Galleria d'Arte Moderna in Rome together with the canvas The man with the green hat; The priests, in that of Genoa with other works including white roses. In most of his paintings he exalted the joys and pains of intimate family life; in all of them the inner qualities of him always predominate: faith, love, and evolution. His other well-known works are: The evangelical, Maternity, The family, The mother, Spring, Tempesta, The nest, Pride, Mornings, Breakfast, Presentimento, The interrupted picture, Suns, Cypresses, Mystery, Light, The angel, Purity, First mirror, Rest, The source and the large canvas The wedding. In addition to large compositions of sacred and family genres and subjects of flowers, he dealt with portraits. They recall that of Marshal Caviglia; that of Cleric Saule Redaelli, located in the picture gallery of the Ospedale Maggiore in Milan; of Mrs. Gelmini; of Signora Rossi; of Signora Albanese and that of his wife Candida Toppi in Gaudenzi. Gaudenzi took part in the main Italian and foreign exhibitions and in 1931 held an impressive personal exhibition in the Pesaro Gallery in Milan. In the same year a group of Genoese admirers organized another exhibition of his works in the great hall of the Palazzo Ducale and on that occasion Gaudenzi was not without complete success, praise and applause from critics and the public. In 1913 he was called to join the college of academics of merit of the Academy of Fine Arts in Genoa, and, subsequently, of the Academies of Parma, San Luca, the Pantheon and the Academy of Italy. He covered the painting chairs of the Academies of Genoa, Naples, Milan, and directed the Mosaic School in the Vatican. Among the beauties of Anticolane (the famous models Candida, Lalla, Orsola, Santina, Giulia, Augusta) he exalted the female figure, materially turgid and healthy, ideally passionate and pure.


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