Born in Crespellano (Bologna) on 12 May 1889, currently alive. He learned the rudiments of the art from his father Ugo, then he attended the Albertina Academy, a pupil of Andrea Marchisio and Paolo Gaidano, for only three years, because he was forced to help his father with the scenography work. He is a skilled landscaper. He made his debut in 1907 in Vignola with an alpine landscape. He held several personal exhibitions and took part in many exhibitions. Works by him: Cottages and huts in Val Toumaus; Harvest; Emilian countryside; sheepfold; Spring exuberance; Morning in Macugnaga; Rainy day; Flower girl in Venice; frozen stream; Old church in Macugnaga; May in Val Toumaus; rustic houses; Morning in Bordighera; The blizzard; Evening; Sunset in Bordighera; The chicken coop; Primi fiori and becchime: the latter three owned by the honorable Belloni of Novara; Grandmother; Morning in Pecetta. His brother Cesare is also a conscientious and correct painter.


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