Born in Imperia (Porto Maurizio) on 24 October 1837, died on 27 December 1915. He went to the Accademia Albertina, where he went after attending the Ligustica in Genoa, he studied with Arienti, in Rome with Coghetti. Here he exhibited in 1863 Barnabò Visconti and the messengers of Innocent VI, for which he was expelled from the Papal State. After moving to Venice, where he spent most of his life, in 1864 he exhibited Vettor Pisani released from prison, which earned him the appointment as art associate of the Venetian Academy, and the praise of Hayez. With the help of Castaldi, he was able to go to Paris, where he frequented the Couture and approached Delaroche. In the French capital he painted Benvenuto Cellini and Francesco I, which was bought by the King of Bavaria. In 1872 he settled again in Venice, and won the competition of the Querini-Stampalia foundation with Giovanni Barbarico freeing the Queen of Hungary, completed in December of that year, and exhibited in 1874 at the International Exhibition in Vienna. In 1874 he went to Florence to perform The Death of Beatrice, exhibited in Naples in 1876; and he frequented the more traditionalist painters, such as Palagi and Ciseri. He traveled Europe extensively and carefully; he was in Vienna; in London, where he made friends with the painter Leighton and with Tennyson; he was appreciated by Morelli. He sent paintings, faithfully, between 1858 and 1880, to the exhibitions of the Genoese Promotrice; and he returned to his native town in 1890 to close himself up in austere and industrious solitude. He dealt with historical, genre and portrait painting, and was a tireless and prolific artist. A spirit fervently open to novelties, Hayez, the French and English romantics, and finally the research of the Macchiaioli influenced him. In February 1923 a retrospective exhibition of his works took place at the Palazzo Rosso in Genoa. His paintings are mostly abroad; he sold paintings to the King of Bavaria and Queen Victoria of England. He can be considered as the Genoese painter who has participated more in international artistic life than he did.


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