Born in San Prediano a Settimo on 10 November 1854. Although the passion for art was very great in him, he could not fully devote himself to it until after he had completed his studies in law. Living with his brother Francesco, he was also attracted by the Macchiaiuoli movement. He took a very lively part in the passionate discussions on art of his friends and colleagues. A good landscape painter and animalist, he was present at the Paris Exposition with his canvas Scene of Maremma, and at other exhibitions, in which he participated especially with paintings of Maremma subjects. Him works by him: Return from the pasture, exhibited in Venice in 1887 and which he re-exhibited in Paris in 1889; drinking trough; In the meadows and Cow Fair, exhibited in Milan in 1894; Maremma Cavallaro; After the battle; Return from the fair; The races in Florence; Walking street in Livorno; The Carraia bridge in Fi-reme; November, sent to the Venetian International in 1895; The hills of Pisa; Plowing; In the meadows; Libeccio; Maremma horses and Autumn, which appeared at the Eightieth National Exhibition of Florence, in Palazzo Pitti, in 1927. In the Modern Art Gallery of Rome there is a painting by him, Autumn Evening; in that of Milan, Livestock market. He died in Florence in 1947


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