Born in Susa on August 15, 1825, died in Milan on April 10, 1909. He studied at the Accademia Albertina in Turin under Carlo Felice Biscarra and Carlo Arienti. Starting from an eminently romantic form, he moved towards a more solid and structured one, while retaining in his painting a delicate sense of elegiac poetry. One of his first works, which made him famous, was Pandolfo and Lamberto di Polenta. In 1857 he was called by Enrico Gamba as his assistant in teaching figure drawing at the Academy of Turin. In this period he painted: Jacopo Foscari in prison; Provenzano Salvani; Fra Dottino; Margherita Condotti at the scaffold. In 1861 he moved to Milan and at the invitation of Massimo d'Azeglio he was added by Raffaele Casnedi to the chair of figure drawing at the Brera Academy. Teaching did not prevent him from completing large and beautiful canvases such as: Parisina (1861); Ugo's farewell to Parisina (1863); Faust and Margarita (1864); Troubled passage of Federico Barbarossa in Susa (1869), exhibited in Milan then in Turin where he remained in that Civic Museum with Lo sgombero forzata and the other aforementioned works; The Rest (1870); The Wave (1871); In search of seafood (1882), in the Pinacoteca di Brera in Milan; A ray of the sun (1883), in the Reggia di Capodimonte; The grape harvester, exhibited in Brera and purchased by the King. In 1885 he left teaching to devote himself exclusively to artistic production, which he waited until old age. In 1894 he exhibited Pescatori, owned by sen. Hector Conti; then: Van Dyck paints portraits of the children of King Charles I of England (1895), royal property; La Mignon, owned by Erba; The Villas; Under the wave and In the bathroom, which figured in the National Exhibition of Milan in 1906. In the lunettes of the octagon of the Milan Gallery and in the half-lunettes of the minor wings he had completed the frescoes of Asia and Industry (1866-67 ) which, spoiled by humidity, were replaced by mosaics which reproduce them perfectly. A lover of the sea, he portrayed its dazzling colors and most angry moments in numerous works. Other works: The fall of the leaves; Gossip at the source; The reformed; Vessel in sight; The Fisherman's Daughter; The arrival of the guests. The following are also found in the Modern Art Gallery in Milan: Head of a woman; Cherry seller; Asia (sketch for the fresco in the octagon of the Gallery) and Head of a young lady.


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