Born in Genoa on 10 January 1882, director of that Civic Office of Fine Arts. He attended the Ligurian Academy and the studio of Giuseppe Pennasilico from 1902 to 1906. In 1904 he participated, as a debutant, in the Italian Exhibition in London, and from that time his works, mainly landscapes and seascapes with figures treated with an impressionist technique, appeared at the Milan National Exhibition in 1906, at all the exhibitions of the Promotrice of Genoa, at the Autumn Salon in Paris in 1909, at the Turin Quadriennale from 1919 to 1923, at the Livorno National in 1921, in the same year at the Grigio-Verdi exhibition in Naples, at the Rome Biennale in 1926, at the first and second Marinara Art Exhibition and at that of the "Amateurs and Connoisseurs" in Rome in the years 1927 and 1930; at the First Exhibition of the Fascist Syndicate of Liguria and subsequent ones. He participated, invited, in the Venetian Biennials of 1930 and 1932. Works: II storyteller; Horses in the sun; Ligurian pergola; Fixing the networks; Marina, purchased by the King; The laundresses of the Scrivia, in the Italian Hospital of London; The wooden bridge - Port of Genoa and On the beach, in the Gallery of Modern Art in Rome; The summer, in that of Genoa; Marina, in the Palazzo della Confederazione degli Artisti in Rome; Sunday in the port of Genoa, in the Civic Museum of Turin. Orlando Grosso has written criticisms and studies of ancient and modern art; he is the author of short stories and impressions on Genoese life in the 19th century: «Sciroccate»; and the bibliography of his studies on archeology, architecture and Genoese history is numerous. He gave organic arrangement to the Galleries and Museums and directed the restoration of ancient churches and buildings in Genoa.


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