Born in Brescia on November 24, 1807, died in Gussago on December 3, 1880. He received his first teachings of the art from his father Giovanni, a mediocre decorator, and from his brother Francesco, highly regarded in the painting of animals. Exempted from military service in 1833, he went to Milan, where he was able to attend the Brera Academy. In 1837 he began to exhibit in Milan and Brescia. Then he was invited everywhere, in Italy and abroad. He was admired for the variety of his paintings and particularly for the perspective part. His name is linked to the first genre paintings that were seen in Italy and to his certain predilection for the effects of artificial light. In the Pinacoteca of Brescia you can see by him: Chimney sweep; Peasant lighting his pipe with an ember; Portrait of Luigi Basiletti and Paolo Richedei; Victor Emmanuel there. Other works: Peasant lighting a lamp; A drinker; View of Milan, which appeared at the Exhibition of Lombard Nineteenth Century Painting, held in Milan in the year 1900; Girl skinning the duck in front of the fire, owned by the painter Gaetano Cresseri of Brescia; The dancer Taglioni; Vittorio Emanuele on horseback, in the seat of the Military Academy of Turin; Wedding party in the surroundings of Brescia; Piazza Mercanti, in the Modern Art Gallery of Milan; View of Piazza del Duomo and covered by the Figini, in the Historical Archive of the Castello Sforzesco also in Milan.


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