Giuseppe Laezza was born in 1835 in Naples. He was a genre painter, he created still lifes and landscapes and, from 1880, he taught at the Institute of Fine Arts in Naples. He made his debut in 1877 at the National Exhibition in Naples with the paintings After sunset, San Germano, Cassino and Una mala pesca alla Marinella. In 1884 he took part in the Turin National Exhibition with A public bath in San Giovanni a Teduccito. Following the reform of the Posillipo School, in the footsteps of Gigante, he painted numerous landscapes. At the Neapolitan Promoter of '73 he presented Reminescenza d'autunno, to that of 1881 Vallata del Cavone ai Ponti Rossi, The return from the harvest, to that of 1883 Casamicciola, to that of the following year Panorama of Pompeii, Resina, Una Marina and to that of 1885 The rain; Campagna di Canneto, A bad weather, Licola, Alle Paludi instead figured respectively at the Promoters of 1886, '88, '90 and '91. In the depiction of landscape passages, Giuseppe Laezza remained a staunch supporter of the realist approach, often reducing the use of fantastic elements. In 1845 he participated in the nineteenth century exhibition organized at the Galleria Forti in Naples with the painting Nel bosco di Portici. He appeared at the National Exhibition of Naples in 1877 and, the following year, at the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1878 with the painting entitled Procession of children in a country party. Giuseppe Laezza died in Naples in 1905.


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