Born in Mesola (Ferrara) on 6 November 1854. At first he studied privately in Padua with Ceccon, then in Florence he attended that Academy under the Saransi. Moving to Naples, he met Palizzi and Morelli there, but he did not feel their influence. Finally, he established his residence in Venice. A versatile artist, he has treated all genres, with a broad and robust technique, often with symbolic and idealizing intentions. His coloring never strays from gray tones, and therefore is not very bright. Among his most notable works, Le Parche is especially remembered, with whom he won the Principe Umberto Prize at the Milan Triennale in 1894. In Munich Sin earned him a gold medal, and other prizes he received in Dresden in 1890 and in Paris, at the Universal Exposition of 1900, where he had sent Flowering novella (three figures of naked women on a lawn). He participated several times in the Venice Internationals, with the paintings: Fioritura novella, already mentioned above and now found in the Gallery of Modern Art in Venice; Consciousness; Parallel; Green harmonies; The parable; Sick soul; Water lily; A winter night's dream; Epilogue; Frons animi interpres, located in the Revoltella Museum in Trieste; Harmonies of the evening; Prelude; Portrait of Gabriele d'Annunzio; Portrait of Count Cavazza. Other works: Via aspra and First Doubts, in the Gallery of Modern Art in Rome; The truth, in that of Milan; Ave Maria; The fish market in Venice; Bridge of jealousy; Women of the countryside; Portrait of Mr. Schotter and his little girl; The fumes of wine; The two neighbors; Very pure material; Lilium candidum; On the lookout. The decorations of the Hotel Storione in Padua are also his work.


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