Born in Monreale on June 14, 1814, died in Capri on May 31, 1913. He studied in Palermo, and one of his first works, The return from the pasture, exhibited in 1870 at the Promoter of that city, was bought by the prefect general Medici. The following year, in Syracuse, The storm got him the most coveted prize, the gold medal, and the purchase of Fiume Anapo by the Municipality of Monreale. He took part, in 1875, in the competition for the pensioner of Rome, and was victorious with The collection of olive trees, currently in the Gallery of Modern Art in Palermo. He lived for a few years in Florence, then moved to Naples and settled in Portici, with Giuseppe De Nittis and Federico Rossano. On the occasion of the Universal Exhibition of 1889, he went to Paris; then he returned to Italy and definitively fixed his home in Capri, and worked there with faith and passion, regardless of his ever-poor health. His paintings of marinas, rocks and fishermen were for the most part purchased by wealthy foreign collectors. They are paintings that "open the soul to the joy of life". In Rome, Nice, Turin, London, Monaco, Venice he obtained the most flattering successes. In 1914 a retrospective exhibition was held at the Internazionale Veneziana which included twenty-eight works by him. Notable: Study; Capri; Piazza della Signoria in Florence, property of comm. Spranger; Study of a lady; Rocks and sea; Small marina; Specks; Rocks; Little Marina; Head of a woman, belonging to the painter Federico Michele; Cava dei Tirreni; Arco della Sirena, belonging to Mr. Riccardo Fainardi; Studio, owned by Mr. Ceraulo; Peasant woman in the woods; House of Portici; Blue Grotto, from the Gallery of Modern Art in Palermo; The recall; Colpo di mare, property of Mr. Nino Sofia; Gray country; Studio, which belongs to rag. Paolo Cocci; Terrace overlooking the sea; Landscape, property of Mr. Giuseppe Faraci; Noia, belonging to Mr. Ferruccio Pierrotta; Bougeval, property of Mr. Giovanni Dotto; Outing in the woods; Harmonies in green; Lacameno, belonging to Mr. Francesco Leto; Posillipo; Capri, by Baron Deo Morra. We also remember: Un fan (tempera); The pumpkins (watercolor); Impression near Ischia; The lanari of Torre del Greco; Marina of Portici; Centenary of Ischia; In the woods of Portici; In the orchard; I will give you some; Neapolitan fisherman (pastel); Tuna fishing in Sicily; The palms of the Hotel Pagano in Capri.


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