Born in Livorno, alive. Valuable impressionist. He was a pupil of Carlo Markò junior and Giuseppe Ciaranfi, and he painted country paintings from life, whose value is the refinement and vivacity of the color. He traveled extensively and was a friend of Signorini and Fattori. He exhibited three life studies in Florence in 1882; in 1884, in Turin: Gray day in the fields; A sunset along the Mugno-ne; Autumn effect; in 1887, in Venice: After The Rain; Winter day; In the evening at Manzollo; On the Romito road in Florence; in Bologna, in 1888: In the fields after the rain; Winter day at San Gervasio; in London and Paris, in 1889: Farmhouses in the mountains; Garda; Fishing boats in Riva; Nel_Mugnone; Sunset. In 1922 at the Primavera Fiorentina appeared: La pantera alle Cascine; Gray spring in the parterre; Farmhouses in Roncegno; Interview of nannies on the Rotonda dell'Ardenza. The Galleria d'Arte Moderna in Rome hosts: Old fishing scales in Bocca d'Arno; The wisteria at Villa Girandot and Suore on the Ardenza beach; in the Mussolini Gallery there is Baite in Valsugana; in the Modern Art Gallery of Palazzo Pitti you will find: Solitary street; The model; the aforementioned Casolari in Roncegno and La via di San Gervasio.


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