Born in Dizzasco d'Intelvi (Como) on 11 November 1876, still alive. He studied at the Brera Academy, obtaining a license from the special school of ornamentation and a qualification diploma for teaching drawing. However, in painting, he can be considered self-taught. He deals with the landscape and the figure. At first he followed the pointillist technique, then he abandoned it without repudiating it. The first paintings of him. Morning of Spring and The Rock of the Virgins, exhibited in 1900, were much discussed. This was followed by: Ora mystic, triptych exhibited in Venice, at the 1903 Biennale; Natura in festa, presented in 1905 at the Munich International; Charms of Spring and the Sea, at the 1906 Biennale di Brera; Caryatids, with whom he participated in the Venice Biennale in 1907 and in the Munich International in 1909; Sunset of a serene conscience, which earned him the Mylius prize; Notte, which in 1910 won the Principe Umberto prize and was purchased by the Municipality of Milan for its Gallery of Modern Art; Castiglione d'Intelvi, which earned him the Ricci prize and is now the property of the Brera Academy. Other works: Alpine lake, exhibited in Brera in 1908 and belonging to Eng. Magnocavallo of Brescia; Crepuscolo, presented in Venice in 1909 and purchased by Mr. Cantaluppi of Como; Lower Valcamonica (from the "Volta Triptych" exhibited in 1927 at the Mostra Voltiana in Como), now owned by comm. Ceschina di Val d'Intelvi, who owns about twenty other paintings by the artist; The dead tree; Hay in Brianza, formerly in the Galleria del comm. Engineers of Milan; Night on the sky of Verona, property of Mario Alberti of Milan, who owns a dozen other works by Longoni; Breath of spring wind; The Villa of the cypresses in the rain, purchased by the King; Spring in Pescantina; End of storm in Val d'Intelvi, exhibited in 1929 in Milan at the Mostra del Paesaggio Montano, awarded and purchased by comm. Negretto of Como; Life renews itself, a triptych exhibited in Milan and kept in the Gallery of Modern Art in Verona. Longoni has also painted good portraits, among which, on behalf of the Hospital Council of Milan, that of Mrs. Virginia Zuffi ved. Parravicini, benefactress of the Maggiore Hospital; then that of Signora Tonolli from Milan and Signorina Astori also from Milan.


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