Born in the hamlet of Seveso (Milanoi on 9 July 1859, died in Milan on 29 December 1932. He studied at the Brera Academy with Giuseppe Bertini. he offered the poet Ada Negri the starting point for an inspired poetry. In those years he painted many studies and still life pictures that had their maximum pictorial expression in the one located in the Galleria d'Arte Moderna in Milan, Watermelons and poponi. figure paintings, which animated the reflections of a meek and intimate humanity. The most typical are remembered: Closed out of school; Debut in the family and La piscinina, much admired and much discussed at the First Triennial Exhibition of Brera in 1891. These works were followed by : Social contrasts, exhibited in Milan in 1894; L'arringatore; The arrest of the child, and, last of this series, The first and last steps. his pastels, studies and paintings at the Permanente and at the intimate exhibitions of the «Artistic Family», of which the main ones are cited: Sola, purchased by Queen Margherita; three separate studies of Le Marie at the foot of the Cross and Figures of Angels, some of which served as cartoons for frescoes or mosaics; studies so interesting that they can be considered works in their own right. The most intense of these is Maria Cleola, property of the Galleria d'Arte Moderna di Milano. To this varied production, the artist alternated a parallel order of landscape paintings: Melanconia, exhibited in Milan at the Permanente in 1885; The harmony of the stream, which he sent to the Venice International in 1903; Alpine transparencies, preserved in the Galleria d'Arte Moderna di Milano: Ghiacciaio, to which the jury of the 1906 Milan International Exposition awarded the Principe Umberto Prize, which was however rejected by Longoni. The same 1906 exhibition housed another of his most important works, Spring of Life. Other works worthy of special memory, because in them the artist matured his characteristic pointillism, in many respects so different and in antithesis of manner and purpose with the pointillism of other painters of the time, are: Sheep sick, in the Art Gallery Modern of Buenos Aires; Vespero, in the International Art Gallery of Venice; Sunrise on the glacier; Prayer; Homage to the lost; Smiles of the lake; The stars: the latter two exhibited at the 1914 Venice Biennale. After 1915, he gathered in his studio to silently elaborate the last phase of his evolution, giving life to a cycle of canvases, without any title designation, where he created, with very solid technique, sensations of ineffable spiritual yearning; and with these works he closed his vast ascending parable. Wide ascending parabola; because, starting from studies and still life paintings, he went beyond the modest subjects of genre and the same humanitarian and religious themes and gradually proceeds through all the technical forms representative of truth; indeed from the very saturation of his static realistic representations, this nostalgic artist, thoughtful of new horizons, had the impulse to transcend beyond the true objective and beyond pure and simple painting, preluding to new syntheses of the landscape, in which he intended to formulate his testament as an idealistic ascetic in art as well as in life.


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