Born in Turin on 1 July 1876. He studied under the guidance of Vittorio Cavalieri, trying to affirm his pictorial vision with the technical means that only the truth could give him. Verista, therefore, tends to render reality in the poetry of light and color. His first painting, Marzo, was exhibited in 1903 at the Turin Promotrice, and purchased by the painter Vittorio Bussolino. He then participated in all the most important national exhibitions, and also exhibited at the Paris Salon. Some of his paintings are kept in the National Museums of Lima and Montevideo. Among his works we remember: Ciao Piùsto; The coal ship: The alarm: Old worker; Among the high peaks; The drinking trough, owned by the royal family; Vecchia Volpona, a canvas appreciated at the Salone in 1924. The French critic Emilio Bernard said of him: "He is a man who has a prism for his eye .... His imagination is a palette, his soul a palette": words no doubt flattering. In 1925 the artist held a personal exhibition in Genoa which included forty-five works, studies and impressions from life, made in Gressoney La Trinità. Among others were noted: Morning laundry; Wandering mists on the Vincent Pyramid; Last rays; Gressoney La Triniti; Gorgeous weather. In May 1933, in an exhibition in the Bottega d'Arte in Livorno, he presented almost a hundred paintings to the public, among which, once again, his characteristic Markets met the wide favor of amateurs and collectors.


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