Born in Naples on 30 August 1847, died there on 17 December 1929. He attended the Institute of Fine Arts in his city for a short time, then continued on his own. Plagued by need, he devoted a lot of time to illustration works that met with the acclaim of the public, provided the artist with numerous commissions, but left his soul unsatisfied. Among the most important works that he enriched with his drawings, we remember the "Life of Garibaldi" by Jessie W. Mario, the "History of the Italian Risorgimento" by Bertolini and the "Life of Vittorio Emanuele II by Massari. His signature was well known as one of the best ornaments in the "Italian Illustration" edited by Treves. So Matania was not able to devote himself to pure art, and very few times exhibit: at the Rome National in 1893, where one of his Navy was featured, and at the "Salvator Rosa" Promoters of Naples, from 1867 to 1897. His paintings include : An Autumn Scene (1866); Gypsies (1871); Study from life and Nisida da Posillipo (1873); The Constitution and An Interesting Article (1875); Arms and loves, watercolor (1897); Breakfast on the grass, in the Galleria d'Arte Moderna in Milan.


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