Born in Naples on April 16, 1881, alive. From his father Eduardo he was initiated into art and, just fifteen years old, he exhibited a painting of animals, The Little Housewife, at the Promoter "Salvator Rosa". Like his father, he also collaborated on the "Italian Illustration" of the Tre-ves house, and achieved full notoriety for his drawings on the Russo-Japanese war. He was invited to work for "Illustra-tion" and for "The Graphic" in London, and, after completing his military service, he settled in London, where he worked first for "The Graphic", then for "The Sphere", for account of which he traveled a great deal, illustrating men and things of the most disparate nature. Among other things, he was in the wake of the Prince of Wales, Emperor William of Germany, then again of the Prince of Wales who became King George V. Very fast and brilliant designer, all taken by the dizzying life of the reporter, he was able to produce little for the exhibitions : in London in 1908 and in 1909, and in Liverpool in 1909, his paintings were seen: Poemetto antico; First criticism; Bullfight.


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