Born in Genoa in 1875, died in January 1922. After having cultivated sculpture he devoted himself to painting, using the pointillist technique and not understood in the mechanical way and in view of objective physical "effects" of light irradiation or atmospheric suffusion, but as a means to multiply and corroborate one's lyric, that is, by completely assimilating that technical means to the emotional need of one's spirit ». He painted luminous seascapes which, at the Florentine Spring of 1922. in a posthumous exhibition organized by Sem Benelli, revealed his nature as an instinctive, warm and exuberant artist. They belong to the «Paolo e Adele Giannoni» Modern Art Gallery in Novara. The following are mentioned: The staircase of the convent of San Fruttuoso; Pines by the sea; Olive trees on the Riviera; Pines and rocks in San Fruttuoso; Sunset on the sea; Lights and shadows. The interest they aroused meant that, in 1926, another retrospective exhibition was ordered in Genoa, always with success.


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