Mus Italo, was formed as a young man, starting in the workshop of his father craftsman of wood. In 1909, advised by Lorenzo Delleani, he enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Turin and attended courses in painting and drawing techniques under the guidance of the masters Giacomo Grosso, Paolo Gaidano, Luigi Onetti and Marchisio, artists faithful to tradition, to the cult of the ancient and according to which it was essential to know how to draw things according to the real outline and then color them. Very attached to the Vallée Mus he will leave it only for short periods, in 1913 for fresco works and restoration first in Lyon then in Lausanne and in Friesch, near Brig. He participates in the Great War and during a transfer, in 1920, he meets Giuseppina Crenna, whom he will marry at the end of the conflict and with whom he will have four children. In 1932 Mus created the Monument to the Fallen of the First World War in Saint Vincent. The work, modeled in clay then cast in bronze in Milan, depicted an Alpino with a rifle in his hand holding a dead companion on his knees. No trace remains of the monument because it was destroyed in the forties before the Second World War for the collection of metal. In 1938 Guido Marangoni, art critic, saw Mus's works in his studio and was so impressed that he wrote an article in the art magazine Perseo, defining Mus as a "very talented painter". In that period Mus met the most valid artists of his generation such as Carlo Carrà, Antonio Ligabue, Pietro Morando and Francesco Menzio. For a period he collaborated in his studio in Saint-Vincent with De Pisis and in 1956 some of his paintings were exhibited in New York and Buenos Aires. In the mid-sixties, while he was still in full activity, he was struck by a serious illness that no longer allowed him to work and on May 15, 1967 he died in Saint-Vincent. The municipal administration, remembering one of his most illustrious sons, dedicated to him the street where Mus had had his studio for many years.


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