Born in Modena on 10 February 1854, died there on 6 August 1894. He studied at the Academy of his city, a pupil of Simonazzi and Asioli. Having obtained the pension, he went to Rome, where he continued his studies at the Academy of San Luca, a disciple of Coghetti and Podesti. In the capital and in Florence he spent most of his short but industrious existence. He masterfully dealt with so-called genre historical painting, relating to the Roman era, and had a lively sense of the archaeological landscape. His first essay, sent by him to Modena, from Rome, in 1875, is Abraham and Sarah at the Court of the Pharaohs, belonging to the Museum of Modena. They followed: Poppea who has Octavia's head carried; La Maddalena, exhibited in Turin in 1880; The nuptial offering, also exhibited in Turin in 1884, is currently in the Revoltella Museum in Trieste; Baccanale, which appeared in Milan in 1886 and was re-exhibited in Paris in 1889; The funeral of Britannicus, who had a lot of euchar in Bologna in 1888 and was bought by Lionello Cavalieri of Ferrara; Sun of September; Idyll; Back from the garden; The Floral Festival; The response of the wedding; In the farmyard; Hot hours; Pompeian woman; Humorous art. The Gallery of Modern Art of Rome conserves him at the temple of Bacchus, who was awarded the Cantù prize at the National Exhibition of Milan in 1831; that of Milan A Roman scene (sketch). In the collection of comm. Enrico T. Allievi di Milano is placed on the reader (Roman scene).


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