Born in Venice in 1841, died there on January 28, 1899. Due to his long residence in Verona he is generally considered Veronese. "Classic with a frank soul, which does not disdain the control of truth", defines the Strinati. Appreciated author of genre paintings, he exhibited in Naples, in 1877, a Self-portrait and The pose; in Venice, in 1881, The machine rests, the heart works; at the Florentine Promoter of 1883, Lo study from life, and in Rome in the same year, The first thought of my flowers and The study of the nude; in Venice, in 1887, Studio dal vero and The model; in Florence, in 1889, In ​​the absence of the teacher; and was present at the exhibitions held in Milan, Turin, Rome, Paris, between 1874 and 1897. His works were well received by the public and connoisseurs, and two of the best, Sorpresa and Studio di Nude represent him in the Galleria d 'Modern Art of Florence. They were more fortunate abroad, in America, notably in Chicago, where they were sold at a high price, although they had no greater artistic value than those which remained in Italy. Parallel to his pictorial activity, Nani carried out another didactic, worthy of memory and praise. In fact, after having taught at the Venice Academy, for twenty-five years he directed the one in Verona, and what his qualities as a teacher were, demonstrates the luminous group of artists who were his disciples: Favretto, Nono, Milesi, De Stefani , Alessandri, not to mention the best known. Other works by this honest and sincere artist: Visio; Conciliation negotiations; Judgment of an intelligent; A memory; Itinerant players, in the collection of the painter Trajano Chitarin; Bowls players and Masquerade in the reduced, in that of Count Giorgio Viola di Campalto, of Venice.


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