From an early age he began to draw and paint on his own without the teaching of any teacher. His first known paintings of him date back to 1898 and his first recognition came in 1903 with a silver medal from the Ministry of Education, then in 1905 he participated in the Venice Biennale. His passion for painting leads him to constantly go around: he sketches and takes notes of what strikes him, then returns to his studio and makes the annotations on the canvases concrete; Livorno will always be one of his favorite themes, its squares, streets and coast of Antignano. In 1913 he was invited to England, to Brighton, to participate in an International Lithography Exhibition and in the same year he went to Paris as a guest of his playwright friend Dario Niccodemi; during this stay in Paris he made friends with Amedeo Modigliani and met several French painters. In 1914 he returned to Livorno intimately changed, he began to devote himself more consistently to painting and also the content of his works was affected by his stay in Paris: the colors became brighter, the painting technique varied according to the subject and the themes became more vital. Around the twenties the painter collaborated with the weekly magazine "Il Mondo" creating numerous drawings, shared the birth of the "Labronico group" and participated in all the Livorno and Tuscan trade union exhibitions; His first personal exhibitions also begin to take place in Livorno, Rome, Genoa and Milan. During the Second World War he never leaves Livorno despite the frequent bombings and at the end of the war he paints his famous canvas "The prayer of the remnants". In 1974 Livorno dedicated a retrospective and a monographic publication to Natali. Renato is undoubtedly the favorite painter of the Livorno people, precisely because of his passion in illustrating all aspects of his city: the Livorno of Natali springs from his creative imagination, within his studio and in the reworking of his notes taken live.


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